REEL 2014

(Director, Co-Producer)

Evan Cheng, Character Designer
LYNDA.COM (Cinematographer)

NIKE Design Lebron’s Next Tee

Budweiser Black Crown

Wild Billz Season 1 Episode 5
(Field Producer, Camera Operator, Chief Lighting Technician)

The Grass Collapse EP Preview
(Director, Producer, Chief Lighting Technician)

Ritz Bits The Snack For Your Champion

Wild Billz Show Reel
(Field Producer/Camera Operator/1st Assistant Camera/Additional Cinematography/Chief Lighting Technician)

NIKE Kenya’s Elite Runners

Pac-12 & Chevron: LORA BOLONAYI

Pac-12 & Chevron : CRISTIAN QUINTERO

The Campaign for OSU- Thank you

Pac-12 & Chevron : CHRIS FAHLSING

Pac-12 & Chevron : SARAH KILLION

(Cinematographer, Co-Producer)

Atlantico Rum Commercial
(Additional Cinematographer)

Solar Strap by Permacity at Forever 21 Headquarters

Grasshopper for Grandpa (Trailer)
(Lead Cinematographer)

Aerial & Nature Cinematography of California’s Southern Coast Region

Behind-the-Scenes of “I am T-Pain Mic” TV Commercial

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